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The history of Weatherby® began in the mid-1940s when a young cartridge "wildcatter" named Roy Weatherby set out to change the world of firearm performance. Contrary to then-popular thinking (heavy bullets pushed at slow speeds), Roy believed that lightweight bullets traveling at super high speeds provided the best combination for one-shot kills. Based upon that philosophy, he spent the next decade developing the high-powered Weatherby Magnum cartridges for which the company is known today (.224, .240, .257, .270, 7mm, .300, .30-378, .340, .338-378, .375, .378, .416 and .460).Throughout that period, Roy was also producing or re-chambering rifles designed specifically to accommodate his super-charged ammunition. At that time, he was producing his rifles on FN Mauser and French Brevex Magnum Mauser actions. However in 1957, Roy would again catch the attention of the shooting and hunting world with a proprietary action that is today recognized around the world as the Mark V®.He foundation for the Mark V® was the need for a stronger, safer action, able to withstand tremendous pressure, and the possibility of blown primers and ruptured case heads (due to the unpredictability of early handloaded and wildcat cartridges). After nearly a half century of proven performance, the Mark V® continues to be known as the world's strongest bolt action.In 1970, Roy once again showed his entrepreneurial spirit when he introduced the Weatherby® Vanguard® action, borrowing many of the same characteristics and design elements of the Mark V® with two locking lugs (vs. 9 in the Mark V).The Weatherby® lineage continued in 1983 when Roy's son, Ed Weatherby, assumed the leadership mantle of the company. Under Ed's guidance, the company has seen growth and expansion both in Mark V® and Vanguard® offerings, including the new Vanguard® Series 2 rifle, which features guaranteed SUB-MOA accuracy. In addition to rifles, we offer a full line of Semi-Automatic and Pump shotguns, as well as accessories, apparel and collectibles.The innovation and pacesetting performance associated with the Weatherby® name spans more than 65 years. Yet, while our place in history is firmly established, it is the prospects for the future that shine brightest of all.




The next generation of Weatherby® rifles. Guaranteed SUB-MOA accuracy.

The story behind the world's strongest bolt action.

Shed more light on the subject with the new TR Accessory Rail.

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